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Lisa Hoffmann


When I look back on my childhood I guess I was a somewhat restless child. So when my parents couldn't come up with more ideas to keep me busy I had to use my imagination to satisfy my curiosity. I still believe that imagination is one of my strongest qualities, and it's probably thanks to those long summers on the countryside where I learned how to juggle, fold Asian paper hats and paint portraits; all of which made me to the problem-solver that I am today.

I find satisfaction in making the boring - fun and the unattractive - beautiful. 

What can I do for you? Contact me at

a selection of CLIENTS

Bokförlaget Langenskiölds





Grey Matters

Hoby Stuteri



2018 Berghs School of Communication

Motion Graphics


2014 Berghs School of Communication

Digital Marketing Communication


2013 Berghs School of Communication

Film/Cinema/Video Studies


2009-2010 Hyper Island

Interactive Art Direction


2007-2009 Forsbergs Skola

Advertising & Graphic Design


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